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Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

Earlier this week dozens of local humans and I spentĀ an evening at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, and what a privilege that was. We were treated to some fine food, live music, special demonstrations, and access to areas generally inaccessible to the public.


While it was a great night, it was not lost on me that having lived in Canberra for two and a half years and attended events on the lawns of Old Parliament House, this was the first time I had stepped into this majestic building, and how little I knew of what was on offer.

When I had friends and family visit last year, Old Parliament House was not on my radar of suggestions for places to see. That is all about to change. Looking on their website I see they have various exhibitions and collections, as well as special activities for children – something I will be checking out with my minis.


Just stepping inside to admire the architecture and feel the character of King’s Hall is worth the price of admission – a very affordable $2 for adults – alone, and something I will be recommending to friends and family in the future.

Check out the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.


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