Watmough Hasler phone call revealed

Watmough: Des, it’s Anthony. Got myself into a bit of strife on the weekend.

Hasler: What now?

Watmough: Yeah, Watmough.

Hasler: No, what now?

Watmough: Yeah, Des, Anthony Watmough.

Hasler: Yeah, I know it’s you. What have you done now?

Watmough: I did a Willie.

Hasler: Mate, I got no issue with that. I played alongside Ian Roberts for years.

Watmough: No no, I still like the chicks, especially sponsors’ daughters. I mean I did a Willie Mason and got busted for it.

Hasler: You’ll have to be more specific.

Watmough: Was busting to go, couldn’t be arsed finding a loo, so I pissed on a shop front window.

Hasler: Mate, I hope you at least wrote your name. This is going to be news.

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